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Books Formerly Distributed by CERI

This text-only listing provides a brief one-paragraph description of each of the books we had made available. These descriptions are linked to related book reviews, announcements and excerpted chapters that are on this site. Because this page is without cover illustrations, this file loads very quickly.

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Smart Drugs II: The Next Generation

by Ward Dean, M.D., John Morgenthaler and Steven Wm. Fowkes

As seen on Larry King Live, Smart Drugs II is the second volume in the smart-drug series, with chapters on deprenyl, melatonin, nimodipine, phosphatidylserine, pregnenolone, acetyl-L-carnitine, piracetam, nutrition, and an Alzheimer’s disease treatment protocol. Amply illustrated with graphs, charts and molecular diagrams (5-1/2"x8-1/2" 280-page paperback). Fully referenced with question-and-answer and smart-drug-user sections. $14.95 (California residents add $1.23 sales tax) plus $3.20 shipping.

Smart Drugs & Nutrients

by Ward Dean, M.D. and John Morgenthaler

As seen on Donahue and Larry King Live, Smart Drugs & Nutrients is the first book of the smart-drug series. Released in 1990, this book is a how-to-do-it catalog of drugs and nutrients which have been shown to improve cognitive function. It provides appropriate cautions about medical supervision and the pitfalls of self-experimentation. This paperback book is amply illustrated with photographs, graphs, charts and molecular diagrams (5-1/2"x8-1/2" 220-page paperback). Fully referenced with an appendix on FDA drug-importation policy. $12.95 (California residents add $1.07 sales tax) plus $3.20 shipping. The piracetam chapter of this book is posted on this site.

Maximize Your Vitality and Potency

by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., and Lane Lenard, Ph.D.

For men over 40 years of age. A thorough review of the value of testosterone and other steroid hormones to overall health and well-being of middle-aged-and-older men. Includes information on the preventive affects of hormones on a variety of degenerative diseases. “Wright and Lenard are much more detailed in their discussion of the medical/scientific issues behind testosterone [than Shippen and Fryer]” (from the book review in Smart Life News [v7n2] by Steven Wm. Fowkes). This book also covers such related subjects as Viagra, arginine, yohimbine, testosterone precursors, and a variety of herbs. 5-1/2"x8-1/2" 256-page paperback. $14.95 plus $3.20 shipping (California residents add $1.23 sales tax).

Natural Hormone Replacement

by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., and John Morgenthaler

For Women Over 45 years of age. An excellent book reviewing the many questions about hormone replacement therapy that women want to know but are not told by the vast majority of doctors. Natural Hormone Replacement “is thorough. The authors describe in detail the many roles that hormones play in metabolism and health, in a way that I found both interesting and accessible — without ‘dumbing down’ the material or oversimplification” (from the book review by Anna C. Boroughs in Smart Drug News [v6n2]. 5-1/2"x8-1/2" 128-page paperback. $9.95 plus $2.40 shipping (California residents add $0.82 sales tax). The book hit #1 on's natural-medicine category.

GHB: The Natural Mood Enhancer

by Ward Dean, M.D., John Morgenthaler and Steven Wm. Fowkes

This book takes on the controversial subject of GHB, a naturally occurring carbohydrate found in food and an important metabolite of the human brain. Villified by the FDA and DEA as a illegal, date-rape, lethal designer drug, GHB is a uniquely valuable substance that offers countless benefits to those with serious disabilities and normal healthy people alike. This book includes chapters on the politics of GHB, medical and scientific findings about GHB, practical guidelines for the safe and responsible use of GHB, and how to obtain GHB (including kits, recipes and purification techniques). Fowewords by Julian Whitaker, M.D., and Andrew M. Baer, M.D. (5-1/2"x8-1/2" 185-page paperback). Fully referenced. $16.95 (California residents add $1.40 sales tax) plus $3.20 shipping. Reviewed by Troy Dickerson in SLN v6n6. Also see the GHB Menu for more information on the health benefits and bizarre politics of GHB.

Better Sex Through Chemistry

by John Morgenthaler and Dan Joy

A review of drugs, nutrients and herbs that enhance the psychology, physiology and enjoyment of sex. A lengthy review of deprenyl, bromocriptine, dopa, GHB, yohimbe and yohimbine, from both a scientific and an end-user perspective. Rich in anecdotes from both men and women, a readily useful guide to exploring this application of smart drugs. 6"x9" 224-page paperback book. $14.95 plus $3.20 shipping (California residents add $1.23 sales tax).

DHEA - A Practical Guide

by Ray Sahelian M.D.

Read about the hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandosterone). This book includes interviews with the world’s top 20 DHEA researchers and is fully referenced. It’s question-and-answer format is geared toward the lay reader. $9.95 plus $2.40 shipping (California residents add $0.82 sales tax). [Note: DHEA and other natural steroid hormones, precursors and metabolites are covered frequently in the pages of Smart Life News. To find these articles and question-and-answers, review the back issue descriptions to find specific issues and topics of interest to you.]

Melatonin: Your Body’s Natural Wonder Drug

by Russel J. Reiter, Ph.D., and Jo Robinson

The most comprehensive and informative popular book about melatonin yet published (from T. Michael Hardy’s review in Smart Drug News [v4n8]). Includes chapters about the discovery of melatonin, anti-aging effects, free-radical scavenging, immune modulation, cancer, heart disease, jet lag, sleep, sex, fertility, mental health, drugs that deplete melatonin, and everything else that you might want to know about melatonin. Professor Reiter is a prominent melatonin researcher and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Pineal Research. Extensively referenced (6"x9" 400-page mass market paperback). $6.99 (California residents add 58c sales tax) plus $3.20 shipping.

STOP the FDA: Save Your Health Freedom

edited by John Morgenthaler and Steven Wm. Fowkes

Americans speak out against the FDA’s war against health freedom. This book is a collection of articles written by scientists, doctors, patients, attorneys, political lobbyists, nutrition experts, industry representatives and treatment activists. Authors include two-time Nobel laureate Dr. Linus Pauling (discussing vitamin C), Dr. Abram Hoffer (on the megavitamin revolution), Senator Orrin Hatch (introducing the Health Freedom Act of 1992), Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw (on the FDA’s war against health freedom), The Wall Street Journal (on “the FDA’s brain”), Dr. Ward Dean (does FDA need smart drugs?), Michael Onstott (on consumer protectionists), Paul Sergios (on the AIDS underground), Kirkpatrick Dilling (on the FDA), Dr. Dean Manders (on the tryptophan fiasco), Steven Fowkes (on snake oil), and Major Richard Haines (on unexplained and untreated illness in Desert Storm troops). Illustrated by cartoonist Ernie Ross, this 5-1/2"x8-1/2" 188-page paperback book is an important expose of the FDA’s hidden agendas (ISBN: 0-9627418-8-4). $12.95 (California residents add $1.07 sales tax) plus $3.20 shipping. The introduction to this book, written by John Morgenthaler and Steven Fowkes, is linked to this site.

Biological Aging Measurement — Clinical Applications,

by Ward Dean, M.D.

Biological Aging Measurement is a reference source for technical information on all the published age-measurement systems from around the world. It includes information not published in the original studies and corrections to errors in those publications. The book contains forewords by Johan Bjorksten, Ph.D., and William Regelson, M.D., as well as appendices describing over 200 age-related biomarkers and the equipment necessary to test them. Recommended by many prominent life-extension authors and gerontologists. The book was reviewed and Dr. Dean interviewed in the Journal of the MegaHealth Society (issue #21). 8-1/2"x11," 426 pages. Cloth cover $65.00 plus $5.40 shipping (California residents add $5.36 sales tax). Paperback $40.00 plus $3 shipping (California residents add $3.30 sales tax).

Melatonin: Nature’s Sleeping Pill

by Ray Sahelian, M.D.

Everything you wanted to know about melatonin, a natural neurohormone made by our brains each night to help us sleep. Now over-the-counter in health food stores, melatonin is an effective treatment for jet lag and insomnia, and possibly other conditions. A powerful antioxidant, it may also have rejuvenating effects on the neuroendocrine system. Easy to read and understand, scientifically based, and rich in anecdotes; 6"x9" 144-page paperback. $13.95 plus $3.20 shipping (California residents add $1.15 sales tax).

Mind Food & Smart Pills

by Ross Pelton, R.Ph., Ph.D., with Taffy Clarke Pelton

The revised edition of the classic smart-drug book. A sourcebook for the vitamins, herbs, and drugs that can increase intelligence, improve memory, and prevent brain aging. 5-1/2"x8-1/2" 334-page paperback. $12.95 plus $3.20 shipping (California residents add $1.06 sales tax).

Metabolic Balancing Workbook

by Jan Johnson

This workbook contains the pH charts and instructions for developing an individualized and personal health maintenance program based on the metabolic balance concept. It shows you how to measure urine pH, what typical pH patterns look like, what the “comfort range” is and how to identify it, what “pH momentum” is and how to use it in making intelligent food and supplement choices, how to recognize imbalance-triggering events, the many causes of imbalance, and how to learn from your pH observations. The Metabolic Balancing Workbook includes an interview with Jan Johnson conducted by Steven Wm. Fowkes which was published in the Journal of the MegaHealth Society. 8-1/2"x11" 34-page, spiral bound booklet, $12 plus $2.40 shipping (California residents add $0.99 sales tax).

pH Papers

These plastic dispensers contain 300 inches of pH paper and a color chart. They provide a yellow-green-blue color change in the 4.5-to-7.5 pH range, in half pH unit increments. $7.00 each plus $1 shipping (California residents add $0.58 sales tax).

Wipe Out Herpes with BHT

by John A. Mann and Steven Wm. Fowkes

Wipe Out Herpes with BHT: The amazing substance that also improves health and beauty of skin, helps prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, and extends lifespan. This book straightforwardly answers the questions about the safety, effectiveness, and use of the FDA-approved dietary antioxidant BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) to prevent herpes if you don’t have it or get rid of it if you do. This book starts out in plain language that any lay person can understand, and gets progressively more technical in later chapters. The annotated bibliography and references (over 140) are sufficiently detailed for physicians and health care professionals. Published in 1983. 5-1/2"x8-1/2" 64-page paperback. $4.95 plus $1.00 shipping (California residents add $0.41 sales tax).

2009 addendum: This book has now been re-written to include new information about treating viral diseases with over-the-counter dietary supplements and published in “freeware” electronic form. In other words, you decide how much to pay for the book, if anything, after you get to read it in full. E-mail Steve Fowkes at for a no-cost PDF-format copy of the new book, which also includes all the information from the following BHT Toxicology Report, with updates, too.

The BHT Toxicology Report

by Steven Wm. Fowkes and staff of the MegaHealth Society

The BHT Toxicology Report presents an in-depth analysis of the toxicology and pharmacology of BHT. It is highly technical and includes over 300 references. For health-care professionals and research scientists. It includes discussion of metabolic balancing issues that relate to a possible mechanism of action that is not discussed at all in Wipe Out Herpes With BHT. $5 plus $1.00 shipping (California residents add $0.41 sales tax).

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